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Methods used for Facebook hacking

Facebook is the most used social networking website used by millions of people daily. This is the reason why everyone wants to get in this website and hack it. The most asked question on our website and facebook fan page is “How can I hack a Facebook account?”. There are only few methods which someone can use to hack their friend’s Facebook account. Today I will discuss all those methods. And also will give a few tips on how to protect your facebook account from being hacked.

Gone Home Review

Gone Home is a small window into the human experience. It invites you into an average family’s home to discover their fears, aspirations, and innermost secrets, culminating in the rare sort of game you don’t often get to play but wish you always had. As you explore this eerie estate during a dark and stormy night, you’ll discover that there are no monsters to fight or puzzles to solve. Instead, all you’ll find are carefully placed narrative elements that work together to tell a story deep with meaning and significance. And as with any good story, you won’t want to put it down until the very end.

Gun Review

Sizzling gunfights, white-knuckle horseback riding, lots of unflinching stares, slutty barmaids, and whisky - not the kind of stuff that usually works well with a gamepad attached, but the action/adventure Gun perfectly bottles all those classic Old West ingredients in videogame form, and the label doesn't read "snake oil."
Gun nails a compelling balance between great story and great gameplay. As hunter Colton White, your world is upended when your father is killed in an ambush - right after he reveals that he isn't actually your father. Your quest for truth and revenge takes you down a twisted path through brothels, outlaw hideouts, the sheriff's jail, and into Indian territory. Without spoiling anything, Gun's gradually unfolding yarn is grade-A stuff that commands your attention. Stellar voice acting by a cast ranging from Kris Kristofferson (Blade) to Thomas Jane (The Punisher ) prevents the story from ever degenerating into standard videogame cliches.