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Gone Home Review

Gone Home is a small window into the human experience. It invites you into an average family’s home to discover their fears, aspirations, and innermost secrets, culminating in the rare sort of game you don’t often get to play but wish you always had. As you explore this eerie estate during a dark and stormy night, you’ll discover that there are no monsters to fight or puzzles to solve. Instead, all you’ll find are carefully placed narrative elements that work together to tell a story deep with meaning and significance. And as with any good story, you won’t want to put it down until the very end.

Gun Review

Sizzling gunfights, white-knuckle horseback riding, lots of unflinching stares, slutty barmaids, and whisky - not the kind of stuff that usually works well with a gamepad attached, but the action/adventure Gun perfectly bottles all those classic Old West ingredients in videogame form, and the label doesn't read "snake oil."
Gun nails a compelling balance between great story and great gameplay. As hunter Colton White, your world is upended when your father is killed in an ambush - right after he reveals that he isn't actually your father. Your quest for truth and revenge takes you down a twisted path through brothels, outlaw hideouts, the sheriff's jail, and into Indian territory. Without spoiling anything, Gun's gradually unfolding yarn is grade-A stuff that commands your attention. Stellar voice acting by a cast ranging from Kris Kristofferson (Blade) to Thomas Jane (The Punisher ) prevents the story from ever degenerating into standard videogame cliches.

Tower of Guns Review

The first thing you notice in Tower of Guns is the lack of a lock-on feature. Unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield and more, you can’t simply ‘snap’ to the enemy and take them out. It’s back to the old-school free-aim for you. The weak will find it jarring and dismiss it instantly, but the strong will be in for a much needed breath of fresh air in the shooter genre.

See, Tower of Guns may look like Borderlands and play like Doom, but it has more in common with bullet hell games and Spelunky. Procedurally generated levels are dotted with enemies that want to end you with bullets, blades, bombs and lasers as quick as possible. You will die. And Tower of Guns takes glee in chalking up your deaths to let you know how many times you’ve been snuffed out.

Ride Review

There's a particular corner on the Potrero track that can be taken flat out at high speed, but only if you got the preceding corner absolutely right. This sweeping left-right section represents a perfect microcosm of the Ride experience. Your patience, discipline, forward-planning, and applied knowledge are rewarded with a massively gratifying sensation of 'nailed it', as your simulated superbike hurtles around a banked curve and straightens up at some 150mph, a few feet from the barrier on the left, close enough to high-five the cookie-cutter spectators. You won at that corner. But are you similarly prepared for the next one? You might have noticed there weren’t any other bikes mentioned in that scenario. That's because Ride is at its best when it's just you vs. the tarmac. It's about how it feels to own a beautiful motorbike and take it out on race tracks or public roads. It echoes Gran Turismo in its reverence for the act of manipulating the controls of gleaming machines of speed, but as GT5 proved, that doesn't automatically make it a great game.

How to Access Windows 8 Network

If you're on a shared Wi-fi network with other computers in Windows 8, you can access these computers and anything they share with the network using simple controls.

How to Check ActiveX Version (Windows 7)

Are you interested in checking your ActiveX Version? The following article gives you information about how-to check ActiveX Version on Windows 7.
Check ActiveX Version (Windows 7) Step 4.jpg

Lifeless Planet Review

Commander, we pray you get this message. Our ship is lost, and so are we. We shot for the stars dreaming of incredible next-gen space adventures, like Alien: Isolation. Alas, we fear we are adrift in a much cheaper, lazily ported part of the galaxy. You promised our mission would be to become an astronaut exploring a Lifeless Planet. We look more like a toy spaceman, location scouting for a particularly low-budget episode of Doctor Who.

This initially open-looking world blocked us in with linear design and frequent dead ends, mocking our attempts at exploration. There's frequent unintentional back-tracking, because the planet looks so consistently bland that when you respawn, it's hard to tell if which dull expanse of orange rock you came from, and which dull expanse of orange you were heading to.

How to Access Windows 8 Games

The "Games" section accessible from the Start menu in Windows 8 makes it easy for you to start playing some free games right from you Windows 8 device.

How to Change Windows 7's Orb (Start Button)

Are you tired of the boring Start orb in Windows 7? While you can change the look of a lot of Windows 7's interface without the use of special tools, changing the Start orb will take a little more effort. Thankfully, there are community-developed tools that can making changing the orb almost as easy as changing your wallpaper. See Step 1 below to learn how.

How to Access the Windows 8 Store

The app store on Windows 8 makes it easy to download free apps for your pc, just like you would on your smartphone.

How to Change Windows 7 Login Background

This article talks about how to change the Windows 7 login background. The login background is the background that is displayed by Windows 7 before you log on to your user account.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review


"The pitch is ours". Konami’s current marketing slogan is a bold statement, but when PES was at its best, that’s what the game was all about. The quality of the presentation and lack of licenses didn’t matter because on the pitch it delivered. That feeling of unbridled joy upon smashing home a screamer, or devastation when you lose to a last minute goal, was akin to the ups and downs of supporting your own club. So, it’s great news that (after last year’s comparative disappointment) more time with the FOX Engine, and a move to the PS4, has helped bring those PES moments back. Believe it or not, Konami’s bold statement is actually filled with plenty of truth.

How to Access Video on Windows 8

You can access a built in "video app" in Windows 8 that lets you rent and buy movies right from the Start menu.

How to Change the Time Synchronization Interval in Windows 7

Your computer's clock may be as many as a few seconds to a few minutes off the correct time. Therefore, Windows 7 includes a time synchronization scheduler to synchronize your clock automatically, located on the Internet Time tab in the Date & Time Settings. The default interval for this process is one week (which is 604,800 seconds). There is no way to change this interval through the user interface, it has to be done using the registry editor (regedit).

How to Access SkyDrive in Windows 8

Sky Drive is a way to keep all of your files in the "cloud" in Windows. You can access it easily from the Windows 8 Start screen.

How to Change Windows 7 Into Windows Vista

Don't like the new Windows 7 Interface? Follow these easy steps and you'll make it look like Windows Vista!

MotoGP 15 Review

MotoGP 15 1
MotoGP 15 is one of those 'incremental updates' that invariably causes wailing and gnashing of teeth. But actually, in this instance, the small tweaks have made a noticeable difference to the experience, so I'm not sad. This is a more welcoming and consistent package, and just as exhaustive in terms of reproducing the sport. 

As before, you get all the teams, bikes and riders of the current Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP season, but you also get last year's too, with a 2014 events mode asking you to replicate classic battles like Rossi vs Marquez at Qatar. It's a great use of the license, and seeing Valentino beaming at you from the loading screen (alongside a suitably inspiring quote), goes a long way to making you feel closer to the real life sport. That said, the presentation feels very similar to last year's game.

How to Access Metro Style Apps Installation Folder in Windows 8

Windows 8 contains dozens of built-in Metro style apps. These apps run almost perfectly but, if you are a developer or regular user and want to change the core files of these app you need to go to the installation files of those apps in-order to change something. Seems simple! But, it is not. You don’t have access by default to go to the applications folder and you are denied access to that folder by Windows.

How to Change the Position of the Taskbar in Windows 7

In Windows 7, you can change the position of the taskbar according to your personal preferences. Typically, the standard position for the Windows taskbar is along the bottom of your computer screen or desktop, however, you can place the taskbar on the left, right, or along the top section of your desktop. To change the position of your taskbar on a Windows 7 computer, you can either modify its position through the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box, or drag and drop the taskbar to its desired location on your desktop. You can also change the size of the taskbar itself if you want to reduce or expand its width. Continue reading this article to learn how you can reposition or resize the taskbar using any of these methods.

How to Access Command Prompt and Run in Windows 8

Windows 8 as we know is new and kind of unusual. It has been our desire to have an OS like Windows 8, but the CMD and RUN is kind of difficult to find. Just read on; you'll know all you need to know in order to quickly access that CMD and Run which gives you the power to do more on the computer.

How to Change the Default Font on Windows 7

Changing the default font settings can be a great way to personalize your computer. However, it can be tricky if you don't know what you're looking for. Please enjoy the following article complete with screen shots and yellow highlights!

Batman : Arkham Knight

Batman 1

Rocksteady has finally made a game where I can do everything that Batman does in the opening of the ‘90s Animated Series. I can turn up in a Batmobile, glide out, beat up some thugs and then pose dramatically as I gaze across Gotham City’s skyline. Arkham Knight is full of moments like this - scenes that recall the best bits of the Dark Knight from across the character’s history, brought to life in an extraordinary open world. This is intended to be the complete Caped Crusader experience, the studio’s triumphant farewell, but the attempt to weave the Batmobile into the series’ existing game design creates its own problems.

How to Sideload a Modern UI App on Windows 8

Sideloading a Modern UI app means to install it without using the Windows Store. This is typically done to beta test an app. This handy guide will teach you how to sideload a Modern UI app on Windows 8. Note that you need a developer license to sideload apps on your PC.

How to Change the Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter Edition

If you have Windows 7 Starter edition installed on your netbook, you may be frustrated that you can't change the wallpaper. While there's no built-in way to change the wallpaper, there are a couple of ways around the restriction. Follow this guide to get your own picture set as a wallpaper.

How to Use Windows 8

Windows 8 is the next generation of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Many of its features are essentially the same as Windows 7, but designed to be more mobile friendly and streamlined.